Six Patriot missile batteries are now operating under NATO command and control in southern Turkey.  The Alliance rapidly deployed these assets in order to augment Turkey's air defence capabilities to defend the population and territory of Turkey. 
Two Dutch batteries are operating in Adana, two German batteries are in Kahramanmaras and two batteries from the United States are located in Gaziantep.  Together, these Patriot batteries are actively defending 3.5 million people in Turkey against missile attacks.
This deployment is defensive only and represents a concrete demonstration of Alliance solidarity and resolve.
Patriot is a sophisticated ground-to-air guided missile defence system.  For detailed information on how it works, check out the PATRIOT Fact Sheet.
To learn even more, read about the background and timelines of the mission on the NATO Headquarters Patriot page.
Links to Recent News and Videos
Video: A Visit with NATO Troops on the Turkish-Syrian Border
13 Sep 2013
CNN Reporter Ivan Watson visits NATO troops on the Turkey-Syria border tasked with protecting Turkey in the event of a Syrian strike.  More on this story with this report.

Video: Patriot Medic
25 Mar 2013
Soldiers deployed for the NATO Patriots to Turkey mission have medics who ensure they're prepared and cared for in the foreign environment.

From a patch of dirt to fully alert
14 Mar 2013
GAZIANTEP, Turkey -- Nestled within the hills of Turkey just outside Gaziantep, one of the largest cities in Turkey, Patriot missile batteries and tan and green tents pepper a hillside, serving as watch guards over the Turkish-Syrian border.

Video: Running Patriot Missiles
13 Mar 2013

Soldiers from fort Sill, Oklahoma, deployed to Turkey earlier this year in support of the NATO mission. Airman 1st Class Kristi MacDonald joins them at the Patriot Missile site to experience what they do.

German, Dutch, Turkish and American officials from NATO in Brussels visit Patriot deployments
7 Mar 2013
A multinational delegation from NATO Headquarters in Brussels, with senior officials from Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United States, visited the three deployed Patriot sites in Turkey over the weekend to see first-hand how these Allied units are helping to reinforce Turkey’s air defences against the threat of Syrian ballistic missiles

Video : NATO Patriots Solidarity Deterrence
26 Feb 2013
This video highlights the recent visit by German, Dutch and Turkish defence ministers to NATO Patriot batteries in Turkey.

NATO Defence Ministers visit Patriot deployment
25 Feb 2013
The German, Dutch and Turkish defence ministers paid a joint visit to NATO Patriot batteries in Turkey on Saturday 23 February, in a signal of Alliance solidarity.

All NATO Patriot batteries in Turkey operational
18 Feb 2013
The final of six Patriot missile batteries deployed to Turkey was declared operational under NATO command and control on Friday, 15 February 2013.

Patriots to Turkey
13 Feb 2013
The deployment of six Patriot batteries, including two each from Germany and the Netherlands, is in response to Turkey's request to NATO.

NATO guards Turkey from Syrian threat
7 Feb 2013
From Stephen Fidler, Wall Street Journal:  On a windswept plateau overlooking this fast-growing city in the south of Turkey, just 30 miles from the Syrian border, an array of U.S. missile-defense launchers points south toward Syria, where a civil war rages.

First U.S. Patriot battery under NATO command and control
6 Feb 2013
On a hillside overlooking the city of Gaziantep, the U.S. Patriot missile launchers were activated under NATO command and control today.

Carter Visits Turkish Defense Leaders, U.S. Patriot Battery Troops
5 Feb 2013
ANKARA, Turkey – On his first official visit to this prosperous capital as deputy defense secretary, Ashton B. Carter spent the day with Turkish defense leaders, then traveled southeast to Gaziantep near the Syrian border to examine the first of two U.S. Patriot missile batteries to be located there.