Lieutenant General Anders Silwer visits Brunssum

6 Dec 2012


 Lieutenant General Silwer met the Commander JFCBS
General Wolf Langheld.

The Director of Operations of the Swedish Armed Forces visited Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS), 4 December 2012.

Lieutenant General Silwer from the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters met the Commander JFCBS General Wolf Langheld, Deputy Commander Air Marshal David Walker, Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Richard G. Tieskens and Deputy Chief of Staff Operations Major General Joseph Reynes.

In context of JFCBS Regional Focus the increasing communication and relationship between our Headquarters and Swedish military authorities are very important. During the office calls, briefings and the following discussions the focus was on future cooperation, the new NATO command structure and update on ISAF post-2014 planning.
Sweden is not only participating in ISAF, it has also taken part in the operations Unified Protector, SFOR and KFOR. Sweden has indicated an interest to be involved in the post-2014 NATO mission in Afghanistan as well. In 2014 Sweden will host and organize the exemplary Comprehensive Approach Exercise VIKING, to which HQ JFCBS will deploy staff.


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