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10 Apr 2014
On 10th April, the Kosovo Force Commander, (COM KFOR) Major-General Salvatore FARINA, attended a day of high-level talks in the Air Forces Base of NIŠ in Southern SERBIA. 
COM KFOR met with the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces (CHOD) General Ljubisa DIKOVIC, who hosted the meeting. 
4 Apr 2014

NATO re-opens the upper airspace over Kosovo for civilian air traffic overflights

The upper airspace over Kosovo was re-opened for civilian traffic overflights on 3 April 2014. This followed a decision by the North Atlantic Council to accept the offer by the Government of Hungary to act as a technical enabler through its national air navigation service provider, Hungarocontrol.

2 Apr 2014
General Frank GORENC, NATO HQ Allied Air Commander visited HQ KFOR in Pristina and met with KFOR Commander Major-General Salvatore FARINA (COM KFOR) on 1st and 2nd April 2014.
19 Mar 2014

Pristina 19 March 2014. The Kosovo Force Commander, (COMKFOR) Major-General Salvatore FARINA received Major General Jeronim BAZO, Chief of the General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces, for the first time in KFOR HQ in Pristina.

12 Mar 2014

Pristina, 10 March 2014. In accordance with the Technical Arrangement between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of the Defence of the Italian Republic, a Moldovan Army contingent arrived on Saturday o8 March and will be deployed in Kosovo as a part of the Multinational Peacekeeping Force, KFOR.